Mental Health Resources as We Continue Through the Pandemic

We are almost two years into the pandemic and we recognize the toll this has taken on many of us in terms of mental health. We wanted to remind you of some mental health resources that you may want to reference as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.

COVID-19 & Anxiety information and resources from Here to Help BC

Mental well-being during COVID-19 from the BC Centre of Disease Control

Virtual Mental Health Supports from the Government of BC – lots of useful resources that can be accessed online

COVID-19 Mental Health Support a resource list from Here to Help BC (lots of links to free resources)

Mental Health & Wellness Resources from Community Living BC (CLBC)

Your Mental Health During COVID-19 useful articles from University of British Columbia (UBC)

At CVS, we are committed to the health and wellness of the individuals we serve, families, staff and the communities we operate in. We highly encourage you to seek out support as we navigate through this challenging time. It has been a very hard time for all of us in many different ways. Hopefully there are brighter days ahead and we hope this list of resources can help you as we move into the future.